Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Reverse Citizens United

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, March 11, Rindge voters have an opportunity to voice their opposition to the US Supreme Court's landmark “Citizens United” decision that corporations are people and their campaign contributions constitute free speech.  I urge Rindge voters to vote "yes" on Warrant Article #32, 
This issue deserves to be on the ballot since every national election has local implications. When our legislators have been “bought” by corporations who help them get elected, they are beholden to them -- not to us, the voters.
Under the Citizens United ruling only millionaires or those backed by millionaires are able to compete on the national stage.  Rep Ann Mclane Kuster spent over $3 Million to get elected as the NH-2 US Congressional Representative in 2012.    Once elected, Rep Kuster like all others elected under Citizens United, have to get on the campaign funding treadmill to raise at least $4000 per day to prepare for the next election cycle.  How much attention do our representatives have left for us, their constituents? 

Some have suggested that by voting against Citizens United we are “demonizing corporations."  How is preventing corporations from secretly buying our elections "demonizing" them?  Donations by corporations to candidates is legalized bribery which we all end up paying for in both additional product costs and less responsive representation.

If, like me, you are tired of wasteful advertising paid for by special interests vote "Yes" on Article 32.  
This is a bipartisan issue, vote "Yes" on Article 32 and then commit to asking every candidate what he or she will do to reform our bloated and corrupt system of campaign finance. 

Patricia Martin