Saturday, December 6, 2008

Going commercial...?

Well, this is probably silly stuff. As far as I can tell, my daughter is the only person who has ever read this blog.
Still, because I'm convinced that a lot of the issues that face people who happen to be over 50, non-white, female, or disabled has to do with how they are represented in the mainstream media and advertising; I've decided to try an experiment.
Google AdSense offers to help you earn money blogging by allowing ads to run on your site. They say that the ads will reflect the content of your blog. I signed up the other day, but understand that it will take 3 days to a week before my account is activated.
I can't wait to see what products and services will be suggested for my blog. It better not include Depends!!!
Speaking of blogs...
I started a campaign on to promote disability rights as the last frontier of civil rights on their website. Thankfully and the Obama-Biden transition team's agenda has disability rights on the front page of their agenda site as part of their top 24! See and then click on disabilities (after admiring that it is right there with the top 24 items) to go to
I've been pretty disappointed in the response to my campaign. I emailed a link to 150 people in my contact list, asking them to forward it on to their networks; only 23 votes so far. Jeesh! Either I'm just unpopular, didn't word the message properly, or my friends don't read their emails.
If you get a moment, this is the url for my cause: Please vote to move this cause up on the agenda. Comment if you like it or if you think I'm full of beans. I'm not proud, but I do want to be effective.
I also applied to for a part-time position as a blogger. I asked to be a voice for disability rights. It really does seem like a long-shot, but I figured I'd give it a whirl.
One of the neatest things I discovered online today was Josh Blue's blog. It's pretty low-key, but powerful. He's a comedian with cerebral palsy (CP) who won the "Last Comic Standing" contest last year. He's hysterical! His blog is sponsored by United Cerebral Palsy and is part of their "Life without Limits" campaign. Visit it if you get a chance:

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