Monday, October 5, 2009

On turning 60...and finding the fountain of youth

I had a birthday last month. I turned 60 years old on October 11. I think of all my friends who also turned 60 this year...and especially my dearest friend of all, my husband, Danny.
I hope that it will be said of us that we died young; no matter our chronological age when that time comes.
I have finally come to the moment when I feel a certain acceptance that I am past the age of bearing children or inciting/inflicting lust in strangers. I don't know if it's a matter of incipient dementia, but older people have begun to look more attractive to me and hence; I look more attractive to myself. I don't mean, the "well preserved." I'm thinking of the people who stand so straight and look you in the eye, and who have crinkles around their eyes and mouths where laughter lives.
I think about all the social and economic catastrophes in our country and I realize that even if I retire, I won't be living a life of idle pleasure. Guess what? That actually is a comfort to me! I am a bit amazed, but I think I can bear continuing to work for many years to come as long as I have challenges. Failing a great job, I'm already involved in volunteer activities to which I would gladly give my time on a full-time basis.
To me, this is the "fountain of youth."

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