Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LinkedIn Faux Pas

I pride myself on being somewhat computer savvy.  So, it's particularly embarrassing and distressing when I mess up.
It all started with my wanting to add someone to my LinkedIn network so that I could introduce her to a former employer.  Well, that's what it's for, right?
Unfortunately, I found myself in a confusing set of screens in which I made an uncharacteristic choice of allowing LinkedIn to import my Yahoo account information.
I have hundreds of contacts since 2003...many of whom are no longer in my life.  People from two or three jobs ago and people I knew for just one project.  ALL of those people received a LinkedIn invitation from me last night.
Of course, I've gotten those invitations from people that I know they never meant to send me.  I just ignore them.  I figure if they really want me to join the network, I'll get a message from them.  I can only hope that LinkedIn doesn't fake a message.  I know from experience with those mistaken invitations that they will also get a reminder.  Gah!
The worst part is that after inviting all those people, I can't dis-invite them...even though my network is now so full that it becomes meaningless.  I will be connected with dance friends, engineering friends, political friends, energy conservation, and disability rights friends.  In other words, it will become a lovely, but mushy swamp of ideas...just like me.  Ha ha!
So, dear friends, I am sorry if I have bugged you with a LinkedIn invitation over the last day or two.  You can ignore it.  I'm not looking for a job and am already too busy for the commitments I've made as a volunteer. 
My apologies!

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