Saturday, November 1, 2014

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The elections are only a few days away.  I wish the best to all the candidates.  Win or lose, you put yourself "out there" for consideration as a representative, senator, etc.  Thank you for your courage and enthusiasm to serve.
I feel much as I did in the days before I got married or when I joined the Air Force.  It is that sense that life as you know it is about to change.  I will feel very honored to serve and hope I can do some good for our communities. 
Still, I've stayed engaged in the activities that matter to me most, so I know that I will be just as busy as ever if I don't win.  There's plenty of work out there to be done.  Knowing my opponent, he will do much the same thing. 
A very profound thank you to all my supporters and Representatives Ames, Ley and Young for all of your help.  You made this campaign a true pleasure!  I am grateful and humbled by your generosity and talents.  The Rindge Dems are a small, but determined support group who held house parties, put out signs all over Cheshire 14, wrote LTEs and donated their extraordinary talents to the campaign.  For sheer energy and extraordinary organizational skills, I must say, the Jaffrey Dems truly rock!!!  The Jaffrey Dems made the herculean task of hand addressing envelopes for a mailing, then stuffing, sealing and stamping them actually seem like fun.  The full page ad was spectacular!  Thanks also to the Contoocook Valley Dems for their generous support of a very positive mailing!
I feel like a better person for even campaigning.  I highly recommend it.  I met some truly wonderful people and learned a little more about the neighboring towns.  I feel more at home and invested in the Monadnock region than ever now.  Win or lose, it's been a privilege made possible by the support of many people.  I am grateful for the chance you have given me. Thank you!
Let's Vote!


  1. I wish you good luck....if elected you will do great. Thanks for all you do, for Rindge and the surrounding communities. Pam

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