Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Day of Retirement and Battling the JBS!

My friend from work did call last night. We had a good talk. She understands that the people at work (she's known them for 15 years!) confronted this guy because they love her and she doesn't have family around.
I sent an email to one of the group and told her that we have to accept the fact that she is entitled to spend her money anyway she wants and to be friends with anyone she wants. But I also thanked her for acting like a good daughter.
I actually feel some relief knowing that it is out in the open and that they will be looking out for her. I don't think she will listen to them, never know!
So, my first real day of retirement... What can I say? I didn't get up as early as I wanted to and opted not to go to the Writers' Group meeting this morning. Instead I went to the opening of Sherry's new Zumba Studio.
I really hope this takes off for her! I signed up for 2 classes a week for $35. That's a great deal!
After that, I went to the weekly peace vigil on the steps of the Peterborough Town House. There were five of us today. Most people honk and wave. One guys yelled out the window, "Neville Chamberlain for President!" Jim Giddings, the person who started the peace vigil over ten years ago, said that he thought the guy was making a reference to some who feel that Neville Chamberlain was traitorous or at least, an appeaser. I suppose...
Next I dropped off most of a closet full of clothes. Suits, dresses, skirts, shirts I no longer the swap shop in town. I have all my clothes down to one closet ( costumes wound up in the hall closet, but close enough!) I plan to do more whittling of possessions. The hardest thing to let go was a blue sweater I got when I was in high school. It's some kind of synthetic material, so it's lasted almost 50 years! I may pick something else out of my closet and go back to trade it. LOL!! I never wear it, but...
Danny and I spent a couple of hours trying to get paint off the deck. He finally pulled out the power washer and it looks like that will do the trick. He's going to apply a coat of stripper tomorrow. Let it sit for an hour and then use the power washer. I'm hopeful.
I got into a big debate with a John Birch Society political operative. He announced a public meeting in Troy on the Town FaceBook page. He actually lives in West Roxbury, MA and if you google him, you come up with a lot of hits all over the place. He is a recruiter for the JBS. I thought this posting would be against town policy. He didn't think so. My friend and neighbor, David, didn't think so either. They both think the Town will leave his post up. I would never consider posting a event on the Town's FaceBook page! I wound up deleting all of my comments...except one. I said, "Imperial Kleagle, I think." An Imperial Kleagle is code for a KKK recruiter. I probably shouldn't have said it, but it fries me that this outside agitator is going to fill people's heads with lies. The public meeting is to warn people against Agenda 21 and ICLEI...two initiatives on sustainability by the United Nations. Climate change denial and One World conspiracy theory all rolled into one nutty package. Meanwhile, I'm getting set up to launch my energy projects in town...I admit I took this personally. The reason I deleted the comments was so that I wouldn't give him any more attention than I already had. I was so sure our Town Administration would delete it, but when I messaged one of our selectmen, I was ignored. Are they afraid of the JBS? The nutty dude, Hal Shurtleff, tried to say that the JBS is not a political organization and that he is not a political operative. If they aren't, neither is!
It's after 4 AM!!! I'm going to bed. I just wanted to write a few things down. I was thinking of Heidi and her comments about tracking my experiences with retirement since she would like to retire herself next year. I kind of like the idea of leaving messages from the "beyond."

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