Monday, September 12, 2011

The Fool

If you look through a set of Tarot Cards, there is one that most resembles the way I feel these last few days. It is "The Fool." The Fool is a handsome young lad with a bandanna holding all of his worldly possessions tied up on a stick over his shoulder. He is gaily dressed as if going to a party. A little dog dances at his feet. The Fool strides with perfect confidence toward a cliff...
I am almost giddy with happiness about all the possibilities that lie before me. This has made me somewhat distracted which has caused a few problems for me. I'm trying hard to stay in the "Now" so that I finish my working life with dignity and a sense of accomplishment.
I've caught myself almost crowing about my impending retirement and I'm trying to tone it down. I actually posted on FaceBook that I realized that I've been wearing a "suit of stress" and that I can feel it loosening and getting all soft and wrinkly with retirement only 4 days away. I thought better of it and deleted the post since I don't want to make the people who still have to work for money feel badly about going to work and trying everyday.
It's not that I won't be working. I'll work really hard and will try to be creative. Perhaps I will earn money, but that won't have to be a consideration.
I realized that I won't actually be able to afford my 3 dance classes each week at Monadnock Performing Arts Academy. I LOVED those classes. Instead, I am going to try to get a dance club going in Rindge using DVDs of Tap & Burn and Workout with the NYC Ballet. This would be a great challenge for me and could be of benefit to others in the community who love to dance. If no one wants to play, I'll take a course at Fitchburg State and join their dance club.
Well, that's it for tonight. I am so excited!

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