Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dancing's who I am...

Went for my annual checkup today.  I expected my BP to be in the 130/90+ range after all the stress and political controversy I've been engaged in (Not blaming anyone else.  I am doing this of my own accord).  Surprise! 110/80  My doctor thinks it's all the dancing I do.  And I think the dancing is what immunizes me against the public shaming and ridicule I've encountered.  It's kind of hard to shame a woman in her 60s who's willing to strap on tap shoes, dress up in costumes and dance around in public.  Seriously.  I know I'm not hurting anyone...well, except for their sense of taste, perhaps?  So why shouldn't I dance with all my heart or speak my mind?  I think I'm standing up for the Town of Rindge (people and organization) and our First Amendment rights when it comes to the Charrette and the ability to communicate with the RPCs or any other State approved organization in the best interests of the town.  The zoning changes failed.  That is over and I recognize it.  It was always up to the voters and so it went that they rejected the changes.  But, rewriting our history or restricting the right of free association goes too far, in my opinion.  I promised my family that I would disengage before I get hurt, but until someone with expertise answers my question, I will hold fast to that belief and keep asking the question.  I am NOT bitter.  I am NOT angry.  And my doctor assured me that I am NOT going senile or "around the bend."  So, this is NOT hurting me mentally or physically.  If you love me, don't worry about me because I am really okay.  Being an "outsider" is familiar territory for me (Air Force, engineering school, etc.), but the true friendships I have...even if they don't see my point or concern... sustain me and make it so worthwhile to live here.   If I get an opinion that this is not a First Amendment issue, I will drop that argument, but I won't stop campaigning for challenging those warrant articles at the next town meeting.  I think it's important for everyone in town.  That makes me feel good about it.  I really have not and will not call people names.  This is not some "dark" battle for me.  I am just waiting for the answer to what I consider a very important question.  Sometimes it isn't that obvious when something is covered by the First Amendment.  I'm not 100% sure, but if there's a chance, it should be tested.  Feeling that way, I can't consider myself a true patriot if I'm unwilling to defend it.  That is how we protect our freedom and liberty. 

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