Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Too funny!

This post is kind of an "inside joke."  My friends and family will humor me, as usual.
I like to write.  I do a lot of it.  I'm not necessarily very good at it, but I find it very satisfying and good practice for those times when I absolutely must put my thoughts down on paper for a  proposal (RFP) or a little speech.  I also find it therapeutic...it helps me keep things in perspective.
I post a lot on FaceBook too.  It's the right kind of "casual" so that I can just be myself.  I share what seems like the "best" and most interesting stuff I come across in my newsfeed.  I also share a lot of jokes, photos, videos and wise sayings from my friends. 
When people talk about the NSA spying on us, I must confess I get a chuckle over imagining the poor NSA spy who would have to pore over my little adventures, ramblings and stream of consciousness writings.  ( Have you ever seen the "South Park" episode on the NSA? http://southpark.cc.com/full-episodes/s17e01-let-go-let-gov lol!)  I only hope they offer them a health insurance policy with good mental health coverage.
Not that NSA spying isn't a serious concern...at least on a theoretical level.  I think the reality is more like looking for needles in a very, very, ginormously huge, haystack of banality and trivia.  Still I object to it on the basis of violating our privacy and being extremely wasteful of taxpayer dollars.
But discovering that people, not in the Government, are doing that same thing in order to find some "dirt" on you, brings the hilarity of someone wasting their lives that way to a whole other level.
Have you ever seen that movie, "Defending Your Life?'  It came out in the 80s and made a big impression on me.  It is really worth watching.
Can you imagine coming to the end of your days and looking back on your life only to see yourself scrolling madly through some stranger's timeline in order to find them looking foolish or being negative in some way?   It makes me shudder to even think of wasting my life on such a thing. 
Because I am campaigning for public office, people are free to say what they want about me.  It doesn't even have to be true.  Sure, I could sue if I can prove damages, but running for an office that only pays $100 per year isn't going to be attracting lawyers working for a contingency fee.  My friends warned me about this and have worried that someone might try to assassinate my character with lies or half-truths just before the election when I won't be able to answer their charges.
If it happens that way; it happens.
I want to win this election.  I really do.  BUT, I'm not going to "sell my soul" or spend one single moment feeling miserable because not everyone likes me.  I'm not going to get mired in a war of words with people who hide their identities.  Spending energy on that means I might miss out on the opportunity to meet potential constituents.  I really want to find out what the District 14 constituents think are the important issues for New Hampshire.   Anything else is just a distraction.
I am truly enjoying the experience of campaigning.  I want people to know that it is a pleasure to learn about the towns in the district.   It is very interesting to see how each town tackles its challenges and celebrates its history and accomplishments.
I also want to give other people the courage to volunteer or run for public office.  Most of it is interesting and fun.  It really "stretches" you as a person.  Even the negative stuff can help make you stronger if you don't let it get to you. 
And then, of course... "There's no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary." ~Brendan Behan  So perhaps I should be thanking the folks mining my blog and facebook posts and reposting what I've written?   Write on!!!

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  1. Dear Anonymous, I don't publish mean spirited comments from people who hide their identities. Also, the link you shared has a problem. It doesn't show up on the main page. You might want to fix that. Thanks for the publicity!